Heatprotecting Products
Our products are used in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our references list includes clients such as: airport operators, shipping companies, refineries, operators of power plants, corporate groups in the chemical industry, automobile manufacturers, and more than 500 fire fighting departements.
Gazprom (Russian Federation)

For the fire fighting departements working on gas extraction plants a special protective suit developped for direct fire entry, which offers particularly a resistance to an increased radiant heat. In Orenburg, a field trial was further held. We provide more than 3. 200 suits models FONTANE I and FONTAN II. Today these are used in Siberia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Federal Republic of Germany

On behalf of the German Ministry of Interior we provided across Germany all the disaster control units with more than 12. 000 heavy protective suits . Excalor protective suits are exclusively used.
Originally it was planned to divide up the mission to four suppliers. After the presentation of the developed by us heat protecttion suit, we were as the sole supplier selected because of our quality-price ratio.

BASF and Wintershall

Heavy protective suit model II B30/BASF developped for plant fire departements. We provide BASF with a major number of items .
BASF refers always to us for supplying lighter protective clothing for personal security used for the disposal of alkyl metal wastes.

OPEL / General Motors (Germany, Belgium, England, Portugal and Spain)

Our company has delivered more than 100.000 supressor hoods for assembling car engines to Opel factories in Germany, Belgium, England, Portugal and Spain.

Other examples of successfull projects

E.ON Ruhrgas
TOTAL, Walter, Thyssen-Krupp
Blohm + Voss
Metz Aerials
Blautex (Austria)
Unico Haberkorn (Switzerland)
Renania (Romania)
Pertamina Berkat Jaya (Indonesia)
INTE (Venezuela)
JSF Firefighter represantation forFar and Middle East
Airport Accra (Ghana)